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A Second Chance

By Tami Knepper in India 2012 (Media) almost 7 years ago | 454 views Link:

We have some new developments to share.  I’m hesitant to label it either good or bad so I’ll just spill it: Mia’s mother is alive.  Normally great news, yes, however the revelation unearthed some daytime-television-worthy drama amongst Mia’s relatives.  As one could expect, this launched a whole new world of emotion for her and set Mia’s mind to wonder why she ever wanted to search for her family in the first place.   It’s a worthy question for someone who’s been through everything that she has.

Thinking about all that we as a team would have gone through, as all of this unfolded before our eyes, is numbing.  We have been spared from so much while we’ve been waiting for the Visas.  We still wait for them, but pray they come in for our projected mid-November dates.  At this point we are thinking that we can stick to the basic outline of our original plan.  Please continue to pray for Mia: for healing and a sense of peace in her heart, for clarity and forgiveness towards her family.  

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Diane Martin

I am praying Tami!!!!!!!!!

Diane :-)

Kim Cole

I am also praying for Mia and the journalism team.

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