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By Tami Knepper in India 2012 (Media) almost 7 years ago | 282 views Link:

We are headed to India as a media team prepared to document a story about a girl reuniting with her family after being dropped off at an orphanage nearly 20 years ago.  We want to show the successes she’s had since graduating college in the fashion industry and get a glimpse of what life is like in New Delhi for her now. We will take her back to Child of Mine’s Dar-ul-Fazl Children’s Home so that she can reconnect with the staff who became her pseudo family and reminisce over the childhood spent in the hills there.  Then we would change direction and head for the family she never knew; reconnecting her with the mother who gave her a life that she couldn’t give Mia herself.

That was the gist of it.  That was the outline of our plan.  However I just got a message from Mia that she received a call that her mother had passed away.  A quick call to let her know and to expect another call later with more information.  Can you imagine?  Finally becoming okay with the idea of meeting a parent you haven’t seen for 20 years and then just as you’re about to go, God takes them from the world.  He does indeed work mysteriously and He is sovereign.

Please pray for Mia; for strength, that she would feel God’s warm embrace and hear His call through this trial, and for the courage to face emotions that may have been bottled up throughout these years.  We also need prayer for God-given discernment of how to proceed with this film and how to document His story.  

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Les Cole

Thanks for sharing this, Tammy. We will pray for Mia.

Ariana Bissky

Absolutely am praying for sweet, sweet Mia every day. I really encourage  Westsiders to be in prayer for her even if they have never met her. She is part of our family. Thanks for posting, Tami.

Diane Martin

Hard story!  I am praying for Mia, Tammi…and for you and the team!

Diane :-)

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