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By Tami Knepper in India 2012 (Media) about 7 years ago | 322 views Link:

Without stepping foot outside of Canada, we have been on a journey.  We’ve been faced with challenges that have pushed us to further lean on God for direction and wisdom.  Personally, I have learned much about His grace in these past few weeks that I’ve been writing to you and I know the guys have, too.

We have officially postponed our Media trip to India until next year.  It’s definitely heartbreaking as we’ve all been really looking forward to this, but we rest in the fact that God is sovereign over everything.  If it’s His story that we’re set out to tell, we need to be obedient to his will.  We do that without fighting or trying to make it work on our own strength or our own means but by waiting until He aligns the circumstances just so.

We are looking ahead to Spring 2012 as our new projected timeframe.  Please pray with us that we would continue to move as God wills it.  Pray for guidance and boldness for Mia as she works through her faith in a place not accepting of Christianity.  Thank you so much for all of your support.

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Kim Cole


Thanks so much for sharing your heart so openly. We will continue to pray for you all for God’s perfect will.

Blessings, Les & Kim

Diane Martin

Hey Tami,

Your journey and story are real testimonies to me…thank you for sharing.  

Diane :-)

Jonathan Cruz

We all need a dose of that attitude! Thank you Tami.

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