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Still Waiting in Vancouver

By Tami Knepper in India 2012 (Media) almost 7 years ago | 244 views Link:

When you’re hearing that a trip might be delayed a week, it’s a bit easier to rest your worry on the Lord than when you hear it could be delayed by a month, give or take a few days.  This is where we’re at, still waiting in Vancouver.

Our application has been tracked down in New Delhi and it’s been discovered that because we want to go to Leh, things are taking a bit longer.  Special clearance is required in order for foreigners to film here since it is home to one of India’s military bases.

“…For those who love God all things work together for good…” Rom 8:28.  This is the peace amidst our frustrations.  We work to the best of our abilities to ensure that we are not wasting this time we’ve been given.  We have to believe that Mia was not meant to know her mother but that the greater story is yet to come.  

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Riley Merrell

This song hit my heart when I read your message Tami. Have a listen.

Tami Knepper

Awesome! Thanks, Riley!

And great job on the DMB incorporation yesterday!

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